The greatest games for the Commodore Amiga

For people of a certain age, the Commodore Amiga was the ultimate computer of its era. Before Windows 95, PCs were massive beige boxes best suited to word processing and other boring office tasks, Macs were for graphic designers, consoles were for kids and Atari STs were the poor relation (but were excellent for music). The Amiga had everything you wanted from a home computer, excellent multimedia courtesy of its custom graphics chips, a massive range of games and you could do the boring stuff like word processing too. We’re going to look at the greatest games for the machine in this blog.

Sensible Soccer

Before FIFA, this was the football game of choice for pretty much everyone. Less of a simulation and more of an all-out arcade fun title, Sensi was, like Romario, the best of its era.


Cannon Fodder

Sensible Software not only made Sensible Soccer, they made Cannon Fodder too. This was a mixture of strategy and action with dark humour, quirky graphics and addictive gameplay. A true classic that invented the Command and Conquer style interface.



Putty was a game of unrivalled creativity form an era when fresh ideas were more common than repetition and similarity between games. A platformer where your main character was a blob of putty that could melt to absorb baddies, explode yourself or turn yourself into an anvil to kill baddies might sound weird but the game was amazing. You even had visitations from the Bontempi organ playing Uncle Ted. The jist of the story was an evil wizard had taken over Putty Moon and Putty was tasked with ousting him. If you’ve never played this game I recommend it.


The Chaos Engine

Developed by the Bitmap Brothers, The Chaos Engine is a shoot-em-up based in Victorian times when a time traveller came back to create an alternative timeline where he had control via a massive machine called The Chaos Engine. With slick graphics and addictive gameplay, this was one of the best shoot-em-ups for the platform. There is a remastered version available on Steam if you want to check it out.



Probably the greatest game of the Amiga era, Lemmings brought a bunch of anthropomorphised lemmings through a level of obstacles to reach the trap door at the end of the level. To achieve this, you could assign Lemmings to perform different tasks to deal with the hazards in their way. This means you could have Lemmings that could dig, fall with umbrellas and a whole host of other tasks. It has been ported to nearly every platform and rightly so because as a strategy/action game there are few games as addictive and downright fun as this. If you’ve never played it, you’ll be able to find it here. Give yourself plenty of time though because you’ll find the hours disappearing far too quickly!

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