The top 5 biggest selling video games of all time

Video games are part of every day life, but have you ever wondered what types of games are the most popular? Well, in this blog, we’re going to remove the mystery and reveal the best-selling games of all time.

5 Super Mario Brothers

Mario is synonymous with video games and is probably the most well-known video game character on earth. The first of the super Mario games wasn’t the first game to feature Mario, that was Oil Panic (many people think it was Donkey Kong, but Oil Panic was released a week before it). Released in 1985 and bundled with Nintendo’s NES console, the game went on to sell over 40 million units. Not bad for a plumber wandering around eating magic mushrooms.


4 Wii Sports

Nintendo’s Wii changed gaming when it was released because when it was gaming had become very standardised; It was all joypads and po-faced serious titles. The Wii added new concepts in game controls like their motion controllers. This took games back into the realms of casual gamers and this was reflected in the sales on Wii Sports. The biggest single platform game release to date, Wii Sports offers five sports and using the Wii remote, the intuitive controls meant everyone and their granny was playing it. It sold nearly 83 million copies, which is over double what Super Mario Brother sold.


3 Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto is the perfect game for psychopaths to carry out acts of violence in a virtual world and as it turns, proved hugely popular. The game has sold 95 million copies worldwide across five platforms. The Grand Theft Auto series has always proved popular and I expect the next version to outsell this one.


2 Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has no specific goals to accomplish, giving you freedom in what you want to do with it. The game is based in a 3D world and the objective is to use 3D objects, including cubes and fluids that represent different materials, to create things. There is an achievement system but no story as such. It can be played in first or third-person perspective. Players can also mine blocks and place them in locations so that they can build things. There are various hazards, such as breeding mobs that can come and destroy the things you build to keep it interesting. The game has made it into music videos, South Park, The Simpsons and has even spawned its own YouTube Genre – the Minecraft video. It’s hugely popular and has sold 144 million copies worldwide.


1 Tetris

Tetris is a tile matching game where geometric shapes called tetrominoes drop from the sky like Space Invaders. The object of the game is to tile the shapes together to create lines which then disappear and are added to your score. As you go through the levels the speed of the tetrominoes falling increases. The game was developed by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov and has made it onto every computing and console platform and even onto calculators and oscilloscopes. The biggest selling game ever has sold 170 million copies and that doesn’t include freeware and shareware versions.

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